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“Is Z-Edge WiFi Dash Cam Worth the Investment? Check Out Our Comprehensive Review!”

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Z-Edge WiFi Dash Cam is a car dashboard camera that records video in high definition (1080p) with a wide-angle lens. It has built-in WiFi, which allows you to transfer videos to your smartphone or tablet. It also features loop recording, G-sensor technology, and a parking monitor. The dash cam comes with a suction cup mount and is powered by a USB cable.

About Z-Edge

Z-Edge is a Chinese company that specializes in designing and manufacturing automotive electronics, including dash cameras, backup cameras, and car chargers. The company is committed to producing high-quality products that are reliable, easy to use, and affordable. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, Z-Edge has gained a reputation for delivering cutting-edge technology to the automotive industry.

Capture More Details and Colors at Night: Z-Edge WiFi Dash Cam with FHD2k+1080P and Super Night Vision!

This dual dash camera from Z-Edge can record simultaneously in Full HD 1296P+1080P at 30 FPS resolution both in the front and rear. It captures a lot of details and presents stunning footage for daily video recordings.

The camera also features Wide Dynamic Range Technology (WDR) that balances the extreme variations of bright and dark conditions, ensuring high contrast and excellent scene reproduction. Additionally, the superior Sony sensor enhances low-light settings for improved image quality at night, making details easily discernible and restoring true colors.

Stay Connected and Protected on the Road with R1 Wi-Fi Dash Cam by Z-Edge

The R1 Wi-Fi dash cam is designed with convenience in mind, featuring built-in Wi-Fi that allows you to easily connect to your smartphone (both Android and iPhone). By using the “Z-DashCam” app, you can view, share, and download footage without having to remove the micro SD card from the dash camera.

In addition to its user-friendly features, the R1 offers sophisticated functionality, including loop recording and support for up to a 256GB memory card. With the G-sensor function, the dash cam will lock important recordings to prevent them from being overwritten when vibrations are detected.

The package includes an extra-long 26 feet USB cable, a dual port USB car adapter, and a solid suction cup mount for easy installation. The R1 dash cam can operate in temperatures ranging from 14°f-158°f while plugged in, and from -4°f-158°f while using battery power (for the parking monitor), making it a versatile and reliable option for all types of weather conditions. Please note that the SD card is not included.

Is Z-Edge Dual Dash Cam Worth the Investment? Check Out Its Pros and Cons

Positive Reviews

  • Simultaneous front and rear recording in Full HD 1296P+1080P at 30 FPS
  • Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology for high contrast and excellent scene reproduction
  • Superior Sony sensor for improved image quality at night
  • Built-in Wi-Fi for easy connection to phone and viewing, sharing, and downloading footage via the “Z-DashCam” app
  • Loop recording and 256GB memory card support for efficient storage management
  • G-sensor function to lock important recordings
  • Extra-long 26 feet USB cable for easy installation and cable management
  • Dual port USB car adapter and solid suction cup mount included
  • 24/7 customer service and a 12-month warranty for customer satisfaction.

Negative Reviews

  • The rear camera cable may not be long enough for some vehicles.
  • The loop recording feature can sometimes cause important footage to be overwritten if not properly managed.
  • The app may occasionally have connectivity issues or bugs.
  • The dash cam does not come with a micro SD card, which is required for recording.



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