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Sceptre 24 inch Monitor Review: A Comprehensive Look at Features, Pros, and Cons

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Are you in the market for a new monitor that delivers great value for its price? Look no further than the Sceptre 24 inch monitor! This professional-grade thin LED monitor boasts an impressive 75Hz refresh rate and 1080p resolution, ensuring that you’ll get crisp, clear images with minimal lag. In this review, we’ll delve deeper into the features of this monitor and help you decide if it’s the right choice for you.

From its sleek design to its impressive specs, the monitor has a lot to offer. Let’s take a closer look at what sets it apart from the competition.


The Sceptre 24 inch monitor boasts a sleek, slim design that makes it a great addition to any workspace. The monitor is just under an inch thick and has a thin bezel around the edge of the screen, allowing for a more immersive viewing experience. It comes with a sturdy stand that offers tilt adjustability.

Sceptre 24 inch Professional Thin 75Hz 1080p


The 1080p resolution of the Sceptre 24 inch monitor delivers clear and vibrant images, making it great for graphic designers, video editors, and gamers alike. Its 75Hz refresh rate ensures smooth scrolling and fast-paced action. It also has an anti-glare coating that reduces eye strain, making it ideal for long hours of work.


The Sceptre 24 inch monitor has an HDMI port, a VGA port, and a headphone jack for audio output. It also features built-in speakers, which produce decent sound quality for general use. However, for a more immersive audio experience, external speakers may be needed.



  • Affordable price point for a 24 inch monitor
  • Sleek and slim design with a thin bezel
  • Clear and vibrant 1080p display
  • 75Hz refresh rate for smooth scrolling and fast-paced action
  • Anti-glare coating reduces eye strain
  • Comes with built-in speakers and a headphone jack


  • Limited connectivity options with only one HDMI and one VGA port
  • Tilt adjustability is limited, and the monitor cannot be swiveled or raised
  • Built-in speakers are decent, but external speakers may be necessary for a more immersive audio experience


Overall, the Sceptre 24 inch monitor is a great option for those looking for a professional-grade monitor on a budget. Its 1080p display, 75Hz refresh rate, and anti-glare coating make it ideal for a variety of uses. While it may have limited connectivity options and tilt adjustability, it’s a solid choice for those looking for a sleek and reliable monitor.

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